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I speak 'Human'

Ya’ll can leave that dictionary alone.  I use laymens’ terms and analogies tailored for your group.

You will understand the concepts and strategies presented and be able to recall and apply them.

I am relatable

I am real and honest about my journey.  I share true stories of lived experiences without shame – because we’ve all been there.

No one is perfect – myself included – so we may as well have a few laughs about it.

I engage my audience

I use humour and real-world stories that keep you entertained.

Active participation is encouraged and rewarded.  I’ve been known to get everyone dancing the hokey pokey to drive home a message.

I have perspective

I’m not some insta-expert who’s read a few books and now knows everything.

My knowledge, expertise, and insights – they’ve been earned by hard work and dedication in a career that spans several industries.

Be Different, Be You, Change The World

Until you find your tribe being different – ‘quirky’, ‘weird’,’unique’ – can sometimes feel like you’re navigating a social minefield. It can be scary, but let me remind you – no Stepford wife ever changed the world.

I will help you recognize your unique influence and its impact on the world – regardless of numbers.

Have fun, laugh a little, and get inspired to effect change in your life, your business, and maybe even the world.

Facing Adversity With Humour

Adversity isn’t easy and it sucks. But it doesn’t have to suck the good away from your life.

Finding humour through the chaos saved my life. Allow me to entertain you with my tales of horror and learn how to look for the gleams of funny when life hands you a shit-show. Bring Depends and lay easy on the fluids ;).

Business & Taxes

Taxes: More Than Pixie Dust & Unicorns

Which stories are being told by your income tracking? Whether your taxes are the stuff of nightmares or Pulitzer-worthy tales this is your chance to learn from the best.

Get the skills you need to make sure you’re tracking all aspects of a great story and learn more in an hour than you ever thought possible.

I guarantee laughs, ‘AHA’ moments, and fun surprises thrown in the mix.

Steak, Potatoes, & Managing Your Blog Income

Can you serve up a full picture of your blog income? Because the IRS and CRA aren’t interested in a taste-test.

Together we’ll explore social media and tax law, discover what the IRS and CRA are hungry for and what ingredients you’ll need to cook up a well-constructed picture of your blog business.

Come for a healthy dose of humor and reality, leave with the confidence and tools to make it happen.

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